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We've received a lot of questions about whynICHt, so we're answering the most important ones here.
If you would like to suggest a question, feel free to tweet us!

Q: Do you have Social Media accounts? If so, what are they?
A: We certainly do!
Facebook: whynICHt?
Instagram: whynICHt?
Twitter: whynICHt?
Q: I want to send you a text that has already been published somewhere else. Does that mean I can’t send it in?
A: That isn't a problem, as long as you give us permission to print it and tell us where it has previously been published.
Q: I’m a first-time writer, and I’m not sure whether my texts are any good. Should I send them in anyway?
A: Absolutely! A lot of authors we've published sent us their first pieces, and as long as they fit the theme, we are happy to have a look at them. Even if they do not make it into the magazine, we encourage you to keep writing and try again. Nobody deserves to be shamed out of writing.
Q: Okay, so I wrote my text, proof-read it and want to send it – what now?
A: Convert the text into .doc or .docx format and add a little information about yourself with official permission that we can publish your texts. Name the file Title_Author.docx, i.e. Anthem_AynRand.docx  As long as you don’t use a .pdf, Alice will bring you luck! Okay, not really – seriously though, no .pdf files.
Q: Can I use a pseudonym?
A: Sure, we can publish you under a pseudonym. However, we also need to know your real name, just for our own purposes. Please make sure to use your pseudonym in the filename, not your real name.
Q: I’m interested in an internship for editing/illustrating. Where can I hand in my application?
A: Since our magazine has its home in Vienna, we unfortunately would need you there. However, you can apply here but should keep in mind that the internships are not paid.
Q: I’d like to suggest a theme – can I do that?
A: Sure, knock yourself out: Suggest a theme!
Q: My piece has been published in whynICHt? but there’s a mistake in it. Whom can I contact?
A: Unfortunately, mistakes happen. You can contact us via e-mail and we’ll apologise for them
Q: I have seen that you put paintings in the centre of the magazine – can I send you one?
A: Of course!
Q: I would like to sell your magazine in my store. Whom can I turn to?
A: It would be best to contact our Editor In-Chief via email. To make sure she sees it, please put „To the Editor In-Chief“ in the subject line.
Q: I also have a Twitter account, can you give me a shoutout?
A: Of course! Just add your account name in the e-mail!
Q: I want to publish a piece in your magazine, but I don’t want to be quoted on either Facebook or Twitter.
A: No problemito, stating that in the e-mail would be great.
Q: I really want to buy a magazine (current or older edition), but I’m not in Vienna. What do I do?
A: Contact us either via Facebook, Twitter or email!
Q: When does whynICHt appear in stores?
A: We publish whynICHt semi-annually, and we recently changed the dates to March 7th and September 7th.
Q: I missed the deadline! What should I do?
A: We’re very sorry, but due to our editing and printing process, we cannot accept submissions handed in after the deadline. But there's always next time: you could submit your piece in six months.

Q: I have a question that has not been named here - what do I do?
A: Write us an e-mail! For the most part, we will reply within 24hrs!

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